average speed..mtb / hybrid only

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this is just for the people on hybrid or mtb's...please!!! let us know if you have slicks on or knobblies
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  • Mikelyons
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    About 14-15 mph (depending how often I catch the red lights)
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  • whyamihere
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    Used to be 19mph+ over 7 miles each way when I did that commute.

    SS MTB, 38:12 gearing, slicks.
  • 6 miles, 28-29 minutes, off road

    5.5 miles, 18-20 minutes on road

    Saracen Pylon, 42-16 singlespeed.

    Schwalbe Marathons 1.5" semi slick @ 50psi.

  • snooks
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    On my slicked MTB with a 48 tooth chain ring, I can happily keep up 18 mph on the flat, unless I'm caught by traffic or lights ;)
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  • prj45
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    Always just under 13mph, but then I travel 14 miles and stop and traffic lights. I travel on the flat at 22mph or thereabouts.

    Fast hybrid (practically a road bike, just with flat bars and v-brakes) with slicks..
  • roger_merriman
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    10mph + normally though busy traffic plus very heavy (cheap and laden) out off rush hour can be closer to 20mph.
  • emdeef
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    On an MTB (Giant Terrago) with knobblies (Panaracer Fire XC 1.8)

    Average is about 9 mph! But it is about half hill and some off road on a bridlepath.
  • emdeef
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    Hey where did that smiley face come from? forgot to add 7 miles each way
  • FyPunK
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    I have a 6.5 mile each way commute, all flat apart from one bridge.
    This years avg so far is 14.1 mph
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  • Tobiwan
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    About 14mph on average on my cycling computer (which stops the clock when not moving for more than a few seconds). On the flat without traffic in the way I'll generally cruise at a bit under 20mph.

    I ride a slicked hybrid (specialized sirrus elite), stop at TLs, in moderate to heavy traffic, with panniers + basic toolkit in saddlebag, about 6.5 miles each way.
  • cee
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    depending on the day.....usually about 15......fire xc pros.
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  • crewman_5
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    Mostly average about 14 mph over my 12 mile commute (mostly flat and traffic with a great big hill at the end) but generally 18-20 on the flat bits.

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  • nice one guys,

    the point of this was to see if it was feasible to hit 15mph on an mtb with slicks, judging by the poll it doesn't seem impossible (currently at 11 to 12 mph on major hilly circuit, but i am fat and unfit (ish) at moment), so i can now spoil my scott with new cassette, chain, middle ring, pads, bb and may even go for some narrower carbon flat bars instead of buying a new bike for my commute in sept (24 to 27 miles to uni in 6 week blocks) oh and a new ortleb flight (yummy), she's just had an enforced rear shock service (ouch!!!) and new free hub bearings, get her back tomorrow, i hope so. and the best thing is the wife won't mind because i got rid of my landy on jan 2nd....don't miss paying £700 per month in diesel at all!!!. and the wife won't mind me banging in the miles over summer either...bonus!!! just wish i had thought of rearranging life years ago...

    thanks guys
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  • EricaR
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    11-13 on my MTB.

    I like the way the graph at this point looks like someone sticking their middle finger up. I enetered my vote and its like it said "screw you you slow bastard" lol