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Brake Caliper Upgrade

madandybellmadandybell Posts: 148
edited March 2009 in Road beginners
Got my Boardman Team '09 and love it, everything is perfect apart from the brakes (calipers) they seem really cheap and nasty. As I've got the SRAM Rival levers am I only limited to upgrading to SRAM calipers or could I put on some Shimano's??




  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    you could put shimano on - but surely youd be better maintaining the SRAM theme and getting some rival calipers - which also happen to look great!: ... 360041011/

    ok - so they aren't the cheapest - but I wouldn't ruin my bike by adding shimano to save a few quite - I mean 105 calipers are going to cost £60 so another £20 to complete the group must be worth it
  • Hi Andy,

    I have a set of sram rival calipers to sell if you're interested.

    They are new and still in the box, however they are not the 09 black anodized version, they are silver.

    Give me a shout if you want me to send pics.

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