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anybody know where i can buy a new brake set like the ones which come with the trek 1.5 which are not shimano and have no writing on them


  • gkerr4
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    a lot of the cheaper calipers have no writing - some of th tektros for example - have a look on ribble cycles who seem well priced for brake calipers.

    why would you want to though - are you just replacing like for like? - an upgrade might not be as much as you think - up to 105;s for example would provide you with much better braking than the unbranded types.
  • pbracing
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    They'll be the generic Trek ones then. I'm about to replace them on mine, so if you really want some make me an offer. They're like new.

    Though in the interests of fairness I have to say I'm replacing them with 105's because they really aren't very good (I'd stop just sort of cr*p- actually you'd be hard pressed to stop just short of anything :lol: Geddit? Oh I'm rambling again )
    105's give good power for the money.
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