Thetford black route

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I went to thetford yesterday and rode the black route, what a mess, it was so waterlogged the only bit i could get any speed on was the beast, just thought id warn people thinking of going in the next few days as the red route is shut for maintenance so its not worth going to be honest.
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    The black route seems to get rougher and rougher everytime i go. As you say you can't really get any speed up anymore. Just turning into a slog round that being fun like it used to be. Needs some maintenance big style. If its wet it becomes a nightmare.
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    i went to thetford last year and black route was horrid in places then, and it was sunny. i thought the red route rocked though and much better than the black. more technical. going again this year.
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    I ride Thetford pretty regularly but never ride the black or red. They're both pretty badly eroded in places (the black way more so than the red) and don't drain very well because of it. You're better off exploring some of the trails that aren't signposted, there's plenty out there.
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    I rode it yesterday it was pritty awfull. had been raining through out the night so it was just a bog for most of it :( The Beast was ok tho :D
    I much prefer the Brandon Country Park side some nice gems there to be found :wink::wink: