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Trance Advanced- How much abuse?

johnnyrottenjohnnyrotten Posts: 216
edited March 2009 in MTB general
How much abuse do you think my carbon beauty can take? I am starting to ride a bit harder now, and I don't want to push my luck...

PS I weigh 11 stone. About as much as a big bag of crisps....


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I've got a Trance X 2 aluminium frame and I think she can take a gnarly downhill but no jumps
  • oxnopoxnop Posts: 32
    I have the same bike ive changed a few bits to make it even lighter (i've just fitted the extra light carbon monkeylite SL's) I treat it as I have any of my bikes & it just keeps suprising me.

    Its been round Dalby, llandegla & up to Glentress without probs. Im off to Sierra Navada in June with it and im sure it will perform flawlessly.

    Giant didnt make this bike out of carbon just to save 200g of frame weight, it was built for its strength and ride properties.

    My weight shifts between 11.5 to 13st and I ride it pretty hard so i wouldnt worry about it, Giant know what they are doing when it comes to carbon.
  • Thanks! Makes me feel better. Was out today hooning around some bomb holes and making a twXt of myself on a double I'm trying to nail. I like to feel I'm not going to snap it.

    PS- The twelve year old kids on BMXs were great at making me look kak on a bike.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It is a short travel, lightweight XC frame though! Be fine if you land smooth - I'd hate to come up short and smash the tubes into the landing ramp.
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