Blackstone edge or owd betts

volvine Posts: 409
which would you consider the tougher climb littleborough to the top of blackstone edge (the white house) or norden to the top of owd betts?


  • mrushton
    mrushton Posts: 5,182
    It depends on what you can cycle up comfortably and conditions on the day. I'd say the 'owd Betts' is steeper, B-stone Edge more consistent in gradient allowing you to get a rythym going. Both are horrible into a headwind and B-stone Edge is a better descent because the road is wider and you can see everything coming.
  • Blackstone edge is a great descent, apart from the road surface. it's f*cked! ridges and holes everwhere
  • volvine
    volvine Posts: 409
    i have almost come a cropper at high speed at the bottom of owd betts at the barriers just up from the Bridge pub i shat myself i now take it a lot mor cautious although i now mostly ride up it as i live two minutes away and it is the start of my usual training ride down to rawtenstall to bacup new line through whitworth shawclough back to norden.
    if done in reverse the steep little hill through shawclough is a killer if i'm not fit lol