does anyone ride near matlock Derbyshire

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Looking to increase my fitness and want to start riding more frequently at the weekend but need someone to ride with to force me out. Based near matlock, but the local club (good bunch) seem to be more into mountain biking on a saturday and only seem to do evening road runs. I frequently see groups of riders passing through the town but have no idea where they set out from, derby/sheffield?


  • Feltup
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    I occasionally ride out your way from Nottingham but it is really on an adhoc basis as I never know when I will be able to sneak away from the DIY!

    Sorry doesn't help you much except to say where some of those riders might be from.
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    Belper BC meet at the Hurt Arms Ambergate at 0915 every Sunday. There's usually at least half a dozen of us and we do between 50 and 60 miles. You're welcome to join us.