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bike friendly accomodation in fort bill?

counterculturecounterculture Posts: 507
edited March 2009 in MTB general
doing the WHW in May, have the halfway accomodation sorted, wigwams in Tyndrum, gonna be with the bikes so not worried about security for then, but we're planning a night on the lash in Fort Bill, so we are looking for somewhere we can safely stash the bikes so we can go out.

ive looked on various sites but obviously first hand knowledge is better than any spiel on a website, so if anyone can reccomend accomodation that will suit us, it would be greatly appreciated.

(Not sure if this is in the right section, if not then feel free to move)
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  • scottyjohnscottyjohn Posts: 143
    I stayed at backpackers hostel in FW a couple of years back and they had a locked shed where u could keep your bikes. Place was cool as it's on a hill overlooking the town
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