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Quantum V???

RattlerRattler Posts: 14
edited March 2009 in MTB beginners
Anyone know anything about the Diamondback Quantum V,seen one for a good price and was wondering what there like,im not into riding off road to much but more of a runabout type style needed,any help appreciated.
Cheers. :lol:


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Looks fairly decent for faster smoother riding.
  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    I'd take it over the Reef, or B1, or any other one you've mentioned that I've overlooked!

    In your position I would go to my local Evans and see if they can get you in the Pinnacle Source that was mentioned to you in an earlier thread.

    That way you can make sure its what you want before you buy it, and have the support of a shop when it needs adjusting or fixing.

    They also sell Felts, which are good value when reduced, amongst many other makes.

    And as Supersonic asked you earlier, could you keep all your ideas in one thread, it saves on repetition, confusion and eventually a complete lack of responses. :wink:
  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Damn you Sonic, in with the one liner before I'd finished typing, again! :lol:
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here

    Yeah, just remembered what I said in the other thread, a good idea!

    Have a look at Decathlons budget bikes too. Not that much of a fan of Pinnacle to be honest.
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