Anybody else going to miss the dark evenings?

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Coming home along the Embankment tonight it was cold, (ice cream headache cold) sharp and clear, buildings were lit up, I could see for miles, the Thames and it's bridges were twinkling, hundreds of cyclists were about and I zipped through it all on my perfectly tuned bike (that last for about two days).

One of the best rides home I've had.


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    prj45 wrote:
    Coming home along the Embankment tonight it was warm and sultry, (stopped for an ice cream), put the Oakleys on, felt the sun warm the cheeks, legs and arms, buildings were visible in the beautiful evening glow, I could see for miles, the Thames and it's bridges were also visible in that beautiful evening glow, hundreds of cyclists were about, including hot girls in lycra :P , and I zipped through it all on my imperfectly tuned bike (that wil last forever).

    One of the best rides home I've had.

    Or... (see above) :)
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    erm, let me see........


    My trip to work, not sure if you can call it a commute when I do it so infrequently :( , is 35 miles each way, and as drivers round here struggle to see cars in the dark I'm not keen on doing it in the dark (so to speak).

    I'm looking at the brightening sky with longing, and thinking soon, soon.

    It might even mean that I do fewer miles at the weekend, but that may be going too far :lol:
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    No way, roll on the summer commute, shorts & tans -tree's in leaf, jay's, woodpeckers, bunny wabbits. Though I can see why London migth look better in the dark
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    I quite like the dark evening rides, but I'm liking the new found bright mornings for some reason.
    Today is a good day to ride
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    Yes and no. Last night and this morning was really nice, chilly but sunny. I do feel safer at night as the planks in cars seem to take more care and give me more room, all of sudden they are closing in again and I am becoming invisible. Cycling Manchester to Blackpool. Look out for number 1691
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    As long as there aren't too many apparently blind drivers about, I quite like dark rides. The sense of distance seems to fade, I can just churn on without being bothered about the sight of miles of road or a hill ahead of me, I'm not bothered by that average speed pacer arrow cos I can't see it, there's something about having all your senses tingling when you can't see much in the dark... especially when you see a little flashing red light some way ahead of you and slowly realise it's another cyclist wanting to be scalped :twisted:
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    Getting home before it's dark is something I really look forward to at this time of year. Muchto the distaste of the people I work with, once my weather clock starts indicating that sunset is after 1815, I tend to start leaving early to get home well before it!

    However, I will always really enjoy bombing around london in the dark at 2am. :D
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    I do like the climb of Winter Hill in the dark because you have a really nice elevated view of the lights of Marlow and all the reflections on the Thames. Having said all that I do prefer being able to see the pot holes clearly when doing 20+mph.
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    I'm looking forward to the summer too, although I actually feel more visible in the dark. Winter is such a drag - it takes three times longer to get ready for one thing. Loving the sunny mornings we're having now although when its cold like this I worry that somebody will not have cleared their windscreen properly, be dazzled and simply not see a bike in front of them.
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    No. Roll on the Summer, assuming we get one this year.
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    I reckon low sun is the most dangerous time for cycling. It can be difficult to see cars against a low sun never mind a cyclist and most drivers do not take this in to consideration. I would rather cycle in the dark than against a low sun.
    Short hairy legged roadie FCN 4 or 5 in my baggies.

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    Specialized Singlecross - 2008
    Marin Rift Zone - 1998
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    First ride home last night without having to switch my lights on 8)
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    I don't leave the office till about 7 so it's another few weeks for me. But no, I won't miss the dark, I don't think - when it's wet the combination of rain and road lights makes road markings impossible to see and that's a big danger I won't miss.
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    Hell no!

    My morning and evening commute can now be done without lights!
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    Definitely not!! can't wait to be able to ride home and then go out for a run :) or extending my bike ride home
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    I love the coming of the light but do enjoy night rides. It's those few weeks when you ride at dawn and dusk that are really great (weather permitting). I'm lucky with a rural commute so quite regularly get the postcard views of our green and pleasant land. Sorry to the city dwellers I don't mean to sound gloaty.
    Does anyone else get used as a beater by barn owls hunting the hedgerows?
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    yes i used to like the early morn drive into work, as did a bike going the other way, out on the hills, 8 miles which took in a car around about that many mins, i assume he/she liked the ride as it's not as if those roads are busy.
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    A1 / A1000 in the dark is not really a magical winter wonderland for me. Bring me light early mornings so I can ride in a 7, leave the office at 4 and have a 4 hour ride 'home'
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  • I know where you are coming from, but no.

    I sometimes enjoy riding in the rain but don't want it to p*ss down everytime I go out.

    Bring on summer! And a real one this time like the scorcher of 2006.
  • Leaving home for work at 5.30am & not leaving off till 6.00pm at the earliest I dont see too many light mornings & evenings ( Not in the same day anyway ) Thankfully I dont see that
    much traffic either.
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    I do quite like riding in the dark but much prefer the light evenings. It hate spending all the daylight hours stuck in the office.

    The only real downside of riding in the light is that I see just how filthy my bike has become over the winter.
  • As Feltup said, the low sun can be a real pain in the arris - can't see a thing. I don't mind the dark now bus suspect I'll enjoy the light when it comes too. But the sun :( It's going to cost me a fortune in factor 50!
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    Will not miss dark nights one bit, i finish at 6 at the earliest (usually more like 7-8(probably shouldn't waste so much work time on here :oops: )) i will not miss the pitch black decent into Dunkerton one bit, roll on end of March :D
  • I don't miss the dark at all. In fact, all the signs of spring today - no need for lights tonight, and a mouth full of little flies.

    I agree with the previous comment about the low sun. There's a final stretch of road on the way to work which heads straight into the rising sun - I'm sure I'm invisible.

    However, next autumn I'm going to get a powerflare for the back of the bike. (look it up!)
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    Enjoy each season as it comes - if it wasn't temporary you wouldn't appreciate it (plus we'd be in an ice age probably).
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    passout wrote:
    Enjoy each season as it comes - if it wasn't temporary you wouldn't appreciate it (plus we'd be in an ice age probably).

    Go to agree with this guy ^^^
    Just as I get bored with the dark, it starts to get lighter,. Just as I get bored with the sun it starts to get darker.
    I cycle past a lot a fields & trees so I suppose you wouldn't get that sort of appreciation if your doing a 10mile city commute?
    it looks a bit steep to me.....
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    Doing a 9 mile rural commute the darkness is nice, as said before the isolation of my own little pool of light seems to remove all ref to time and distance.

    Still roll on the summer I hate being cold. :D
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    Advantages of commuting in daylight:
    Can see the road surface
    Can see the cars of which their drivers are too stupid to use headlights when needed
    Can get a dose of Vitamin wotsit
    On bus days can take the short cut down an unlit path
    Actually getting to see the sun
    Not needing to carry lights

    Disadvantages of commuting in daylight:
    Early risers get to see more of it.

    Advantages of commuting in at the solstice
    Knowing that it's not going to get dark for weeks

    Dissadvantages of living in Dundee at the solstics
    Knowing that it's not going to get dark for weeks
    Do Nellyphants count?

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    I don't mind cycling in the dark, it's the gale force winds and driving rain I won't miss!
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