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Does anybody live in loughborough or close by? and what bikes are you riding i probably see you quite often
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    I live in Loughborough. I'm just about to get back in to MTBing after a bit of time off the bike, so I'll probably see you about. I usually ride over to Shepshed, do the train tracks and BMX track. I'm riding a 2003 Ellsworth Joker SL!
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    theres a bmx track at shepshed?
    Dont you just love Marin's...i sleep with mine
  • there's anything at shepshed :shock: I thought it had that cheap warehouse place, a couple of car dealerships and the road to charnwood forest :?
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    rackgaki wrote:
    theres a bmx track at shepshed?

    Yes, there's an old BMX track, it's got a great tabletop, but the track is generally fairly worn and neglected. Good for a warm up blast though!
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    used to live in Loughborough, moved to south wales now - marginally better for mtb'ing ;p hahaha

    used to ride the outwoods, swithland wood a fair bit on my trust old gt i-drive. now i rag afan/glyncorrwg & cwmcarn on my 09 remedy 8!!
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  • I live in Melton, but go college in L'boro. Anyone checked out the BP jumps? I went there for the first time in nearly 10yrs and they're in a right state :(
  • Hi, I've just moved into the area and am looking to hook up with some local riders, anyone for Switchland woods?
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    I'm just outside Lboro.

    Leicestershire Off-Road Club ride out Tuesday nights (google it).

    There's a new BMX track at Ruddington (this side of Nottingham).
  • Best way to find out what Leicester Off Road Club have running is check out the forum:

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  • Hows it going folks? Just moved back to Loughborough as I'm working over in Holywell Park near the Uni.
    Prett stunned to hear theres anything in Shepshed as well i only know that theres the brilliant named Butt Hole Lane.
    A mate of mine who used to live here a few weeks ago tells me that the Beacon Hill area used to have some good riding but not so good these days. Anyone got any info?
    Definetly looking for somewhere to ride around here but annoyingly enough dont have a car these days.
    Oh and for the record if you see a guy with headphones on riding a white Specialized Rockhopper thats quite possibly me.
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    ill look out for you, swithland woods is your best bet and apparently whitwick woods has some decent riding but i havnt been over there yet
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    +1 swithland

    Didn't know about Whitwick - anyone been?

    You can also try the loop on Beacon Hill.
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    this was off another thread

    "Trying Whitwick wood, start from the carpark on Swannymoat Road and work your way through the woods down towards Grace Deau ruins on the A512, there's lot of routes and drops to be found. You can also ride up to the top of the Quarry in Whitwick which is again near the same carpark and then down to Blackbrook Reservoir which is a rather quick single track run."
    Dont you just love Marin's...i sleep with mine
  • hi! i didnt realise there were things organised in the leicester area!

    i am fairly new to Birstall area and bike to work (highcross) daily!

    just treated myself to a Gary Fisher 'Marlin' bike from Cyclops in Syston!!

    may have to attend one of the off road meets! 8)
  • There's some decent (for leicestershire!) riding up at Asfordby Hill nr Melton, theres some mini dh runs, 10ft+ drops, north shore and small jumps.
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    wouldn't mind a play round swithland if anyone don't mind an old overweight unfit lump along for the ride..... I don't know any of the routes round that way which is daft as I drop the wife and kids off at her mothers chalet at swithland woods every sunday, may as well take the bike along and kill 2 birds with 1 stone..
    so if any patient soul don't mind hanging around for me it would be great to learn some of the trails round there :0)
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    Any enthusiasts in the Loughborough area looking for someone else to ride about with?

    I'm getting back into riding and am new to the area... so i'm looking for someone that knows some good routes.

    I am able to travel about.
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    I am in Loughborough- Swithland was beautiful tonight! I'll have to remember to stick a link up if I'm going out of an evening...
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    Im at the uni in Loughborough and have just got back into riding this easter, if anyone fancies a ride around 20 miles give me a shout, at the moment i'm just going on rides from this website http://www.mapmyride.com/search?txtLoca ... SEARCH+%3E
    but from what you guys are saying i guess i should check out swithland
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    Just put my two favourite routes starting from Loughborough on OS Maps;

    http://explore.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/os_ ... show/16237

    http://explore.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/os_ ... show/16238
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    Hi guys,

    Thought I'd resurrect this thread because I have just moved back to Loughborough and am looking for places to ride round and about. I live right out the bottom (Quorn/outwoods end) so can easily get to Swithland etc. :D

    Don't know of any routes though so could anybody help? Or is anybody willing to join me for a ride who knows where to go?

  • Hi guys,

    I've only recently joined this forum. I live in Ratby (Near Markield & Groby). My current 15(ish) mile routes start at Martinshaw woods and often drop down to the A50 and then go cross country to Newtown Linford through Bradgate Park and over into Swithland woods for a potter about, then back towards Ratby via Warren Hill, John Lees, Tangle Trees, Markfield, Thornton Lane Just past the golf course and then drop back to Ratby off road to the sports club. I'll often throw in other areas etc.. Good mix of off road and road.

    Also about twice a month, I head over to Cannock Chase for something more challenging. Would be good to meet up with others in the area.
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    Could I tag along next time you go down to Swithland? Still not been down there yet! I realise it's probably a bit on the wet side at the moment though...

    Let me know!
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    Hi Guys,

    I live in Kirby Muxloe and often go around Ratby, martin shaw woods, thornton and across to swithland woods too. And also love going to Cannock Chase,
    If anyone wants to meet up for around this area or Cannock Chase etc let me know.......


    Cheers, kev