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Which bike for me ???

GEEZ_GEEZ_ Posts: 18
edited March 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hi, I am looking for advice on buying my next MTB.
I am 6'1.5" and about 83 kilos.
I'm currently riding a size Large (20.5") Giant XTC Team NRS (about 03-04 i think) with 04 120mm MX Comp forks with ETA, Rock Shox SID xc rear shock, Hollowtech cranks, Crossmax XL wheelset, Deore lx shifters, brakes and levers, and rear mech, XT front mech, Raceface Evolve xc bars and stem, and seatpost, Cane Creek headset.
I know this will sound strange to some of you but it feels too light and twitchy for me, and i find it too big.
I still need something that will climb well, but something that i can chuck about a bit on the way down as well.
My riding will mostly be single track, on the Ballyhoura mountains in Ireland (built by Daffyd Davis) which is more XC than downhill, but i still have a few riding spots with 3-5 ft drops. I also ride on the road when i don't have time for offroading(maybe 20-30 kilometers a couple of days a week(which the Giant was OK for).
I am looking at a Marin Mount Vision (fallen in love really :roll: )since i saw the reviews last year, as it seems to do everything pretty well.
Not sure whether I'd need another Large in this bike and I live about 200 miles from the nearest Marin dealer, so testing one is not really an option at the moment as I'm recovering from Cruciate Ligament surgery and can't drive untill about mid May.
Any advice on what bike to go for(gonna have to be special to steer me away from my "dream" bike :lol: ) would be greatly appreciated, as I am going to need something soon to get the Knee built up again.(mostly road work untill it's strong enough for climbs, drops etc...
Thanks very much in advance,
PS the reason I've listed the parts on my Giant is in case there is the perfect frame out there that i can just put everything onto and save some cash.
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  • t4thomast4thomas Posts: 38
    Hi GEEZ_

    What is your budget?

    I can't comment on the Marin Mount Vision, but wondered whether you would get an Orange 5 in your budget?

    Alternatively, the Orange 5 frame might be suitable for your components?
  • GEEZ_GEEZ_ Posts: 18
    Hi Thomas, I could go to the price of the MV £2200 ish.
    Would consider buying used as well.
    You should cut down on your porklife mate, GET SOME EXERCISE
  • GEEZ_GEEZ_ Posts: 18
    Hi again, any more recommendations/ advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Any more comparisons between the Mount Vision and the Orange 5?
    Anything even better out there for the money?
    You should cut down on your porklife mate, GET SOME EXERCISE
  • t4thomast4thomas Posts: 38
    To be honest, I don't think you would be disappointed with the Marin Mount Vision; It was named bike of the year 2008 by What Mountain Bike magazine:

    The other thing you should consider, is whether you could be looking at bikes above your price range? I was able to negotiate a 21% discount with my local bike shop on a 2009 Orange Crush.

    That said, there are already some great bikes out there in your price range, particularly if you are happy to consider a 2008 model.

    I'm biased, but have a look at some of the offerings from Orange Bikes or LaPierre:

    In any case, you are going to want to try these bikes out. Have a poke around the forum for some demo days perhaps?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If it is a single pivot bike you are after then I would shortlist the Cannondale Prophet. You can get a whole one for the price of a Orange 5 frame!
  • GEEZ_GEEZ_ Posts: 18
    Hi T4Thomas and Supersonic,
    Thanks for the advice, looks like I'll really have to get myself up to Dublin to at least try to sit on a few bikes to get a feel for them.
    Will definitely be looking at the Orange 5 and the Cannondale as well as the MV.
    If there is anything else out there that anybody could recommend, the more choice I have, the better.
    Thanks again chaps,
    You should cut down on your porklife mate, GET SOME EXERCISE
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