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gavin66gavin66 Posts: 117
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Hi everyone,have just started cycling again after buying a Merida Matts TFS 700d.I am very happy with the bike apart from the fact that the forks aren't the same ones as advertised.The forks advertised are Rockshox Tora 100 sl coil 2009 with lockout,the forks on my bike are Rockshox recon 327 air.I would have prefered the lockout feature as i will be using the bike to get to work(all road) as well as using it offroad,although i can live without it.Has the fork spec changed since the making of this bike??have i been done or does my bike have the better fork?? ... ail700.htm


  • recon air will be a step up from the coil ones, both in weight and performance. If you really want ones with lockout, you could perhaps buy a set & sell the new recon ones which should get a reasonable price, but if you can learn to live with them you'll get much more out of them overall :)
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