Do you tell your loved ones about near misses?

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Assuming you have loved ones, do you tell them about near misses with traffic, potholes, dogs, bollards etc, or do you keep quiet? I had a bit of a dodgy moment this morning while negotiating a roundabout with some blind T@SSER who pulled out in front of me and would have knocked me off had I not seen him and already begun to brake. This hasn't happened very often and in the past I would have told the Missus, but I'm thinking more and more not to worry her. What do you think?
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  • Mithras
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    No, if Itold her about every near miss, dangerous situation I had she would never let me out of the door. She only gets told when I have visible injuries and not telling would cause more concern if she found out later!
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    I tell my husband because he cycles too and sympathises. I don't tell my mum and dad though - they would worry. I definitely wouldn't tell my Aunty - she already tells me that I shouldn't be out riding a bike.
  • whyamihere
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    I'll sometimes tell my friends, especially the ones who ride themselves, but I never tell my family.
  • fluff.
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    Same as above, though nowadays they are so frequent that most of the time I don't say anything, that is if you include people cutting you up, trying to do a left hook, or just being generally crap drivers.
  • There isn't enough time in the day to tell her about them all.
  • Massimo
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    Only the ones that occur within a mile of me getting home 'cos she can still see the anger/frustration/terror etched into my face
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  • Anonymous
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    I told her about the 4x4 driver who tried reversing into me the other day :shock:
  • myopic
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    She worries about me riding so never, unless there is obvious damage in which case I always downplay it.
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    We found that a good trick with our parents was to leave a gap between the dodgy happening and the telling of the tale . . . . . . . usually about 20 years! :D

    As for Mrs Pneumatic, there is one seaside town near us where the standard of driving by its resident students, tourists and retired folk is so notoriously careless and demented that she would be surprised if I had NOT had an incident to report.

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  • dbb
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    no - i don't tell her. but i also assume that she doesn't tell me about her near misses when she is driving!
  • sloboy
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    I have to tell - she washes my kit, so there's no hiding the evidence.

    Anyway, in the retelling, in turns out I was always did something heroic, in fact almost superhuman, to avert disaster, thus reinforcing my immortal status.
  • JonEdwards
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    Yes and she tells me about hers. :lol:
  • Frank the tank
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    Sometimes, I tell Mrs Tank, it just depends, on what I don't know.
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  • never.

    I wonder, for those with kids, many have accidental death life insurance?

    It took one near miss to make me think about this. $600/yr is cheap.
  • Mark Alexander
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    That's what the forum's for right? It'd only give them the impression that it's always hazardous out there in the trenches. We don't want mere mortals to know the truth.. Do we? Only other cyclists really 'get it' :)

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  • Chaz.Harding
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    Only other cyclists really 'get it'

    Yup, totally agree. I don't tell my girlfriend (certainly NOT my mum!! :lol: ) my near misses. They both happen to think / know (depends what side you take...) how accident prone I am. I'll noramally tell other cyclist folks though. As mark said, they tend to 'get it'. :twisted:
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  • I stopped telling my OH and people I work with after I hit a stationary van and was knocked off twice in one day - it was just too embarrassing.
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