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Hello all.

Might sound like a bit of a stupid question, but it's genuine nonetheless.

I'm going to North Wales next week, for a week cycling round some good hills / mountains. But I don't know what clothes I will need. I have only got a few cycling shorts, gloves, helmet, some jerseys, and that's about it really. No warm or wet kit.

So any ideas would be good!!

Any advice on what gear to buy (this week...) would be apprieciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  • JohnnyAllez
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    Have a look on Wiggle or Chain Reaction, loadsa stuff always on sale there. Decent waterproof lightweight jacket for starters, around £40 will get a decent one, some light overtrousers in case it downpours, and a pair of waterproof overshoes. Thin fleece top to go over your shirts / under your waterproof wll keep you warm, and I`d buy a set of long Roubaix type tights, not too thick but great over the top of your shorts. :)

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    Partly depends on budget but I think your basic choice for your upper body is either a softshell windproof + light packable rain jacket or a softshell waterproof. If you're not expecting much rain I'd go the windproof + packable jacket option (expect to pay £40-100 for the windproof and £30-200 for the waterproof packable jacket depending on how much breathability you want, personally I'd go for the cheaper end). If you are expecting it to be wet them IMO it's better spending money on a breathable waterproof, my own preference is a softshell but there's plenty of more normal options out there to.

    For your legs I'd be looking at bib 3/4 or tights at this time of year (almost shorts weather though), wouldn't really bother with waterproof versions though.

    I'd def buy decent gloves and waterproof/resistant overshoes (neoprene ones if very cold or very wet otherwise something like lusso max repels). Also consider a skull cap for under the helmet but again only really needed if it's going to be cold.