Merlin Racing cycles frame pics - info please!

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Hi, I have bought the following bike for my singlespeed project and was wondering if anyone could offer me some information on the frame? Also, tips on restoration would be great as it's rusty and has a lovely homemade white bit!:







  • bigtim
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    Bob Jackson of Leeds use to make Merlins in the 90s, they might still do a renovation with transfers. :?
  • meagain
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    Be very sure that it's sound before lavishing cash on it!
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  • joe1983
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    Pretty certain it's all sound, just surface rust. The chrome bits have polished up nicely but don't know whether to splash the cash on a Bob Jackson respay. Probably not a good idea economically, but it would look nice!
  • dilemna
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    Get it blasted - if frame is any good there will be lots of metal left. If loads of holes then bin or replace the affected tube. Nostalgia can be expensive.
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  • cycologist
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    It may be just the photo but the seat tube in the top photo looks slightly bent to me. (at the white homemade bit )
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  • joe1983
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    yep see what what you mean cycologist, (goes off to check out tube...)
  • joe1983
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    seems straight enough to me, did the 'scrape a file on rust' test and saw silver so guess it's ok