Is an SRAM rear cassette compatable with Shimano shifters

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I have a set up with Shimano shifters and Deore LX rear mech, I need to replace the rear cassette and someone has given me a SRAM set, can I install this. What are the differences between the Shimano and SRAM setups?


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    If it has the right number of speeds I'd have thought it'd be OK- any Shimano/SRAM compatibility problems would be between the shifters and mech, cassette shouldn't make much difference...?
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    The cassette will work fine with Shimano shifters.

    However, as mentioned above, a Sram rear mech (talking about X0, X9 etc ) will not work with Shimano shifters due to the amount of cable activated by the shifters. This is a different amount activated by the Sram shifters, normally 1:1 .
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    Will a SRAM cassette be compatable with a Shimano rear hub?
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    My last two bikes have had Shimano hubs and SRAM cassettes.
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