Warranty claim?

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A bit of advice please on what is normally covered on warranty. I've had my Trek for 2 weeks and even after the 1st ride the cable rub had worn away paint on the frame and fork tops badly. Its even down to metal in some places. Before the 2nd ride I fitted some clear rub prevention stickers but I'm still gutted that my new bike has all those rubs after only one ride on the trail. My £300 GT didnt have any cable rub after 300 miles of use so why should a £1750 bike get it after only 10 miles???

Would this be covered under the warranty?
the paint is not meant to wear this easily surely and I thought a brand the size of Trek would have a much better finish. :cry:


  • Andy B
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    Contact your local Trek dealer

    It is a normal thing to happen on bikes, although cable rub after one ride does seem a bit poor
  • M6TTF
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    I've got an 08 model and agree the paint rub is bad, I clear taped mine from day one so I've stopped nearly all of it fortunately. I think the main problem is not the paint finish but the fact that the cable runs are all way too long - if they were shorter there would be far less contact. Good luck on the warranty claim, but I'm doubtful youll get very far
  • P-Jay
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    Moraly you're probably right, but I don't think they'll hear you out. They'd have to give you a whole new frame.

    Cable runbs a bitch, but it's a certain a death and taxes.

    You'd think someone would have designed a rubberised set of cable outters thst doesn't wear away paint, I can feel a trip to Dragons Den coming on!