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Dawes xc 1.8 hardtail

kevdokevdo Posts: 22
edited March 2009 in MTB beginners
Can anyone tell me what this bike is like ,i seen it for 250 pounds online ,will be using it for mainly off road use.


  • jamieh5463jamieh5463 Posts: 223
    Good value for money for £250, Hydraulic disc brakes at that price bargain!!!(i wouldnt have paid £450 for it though), a bit on the heavy side but good value parts etc. if weight bothers you i'd look at other bikes but apart from that bl**dy good bike.
  • kevdokevdo Posts: 22
    How heavy is it in comparison to other bikes,would you really notice it.
  • The HutcHThe HutcH Posts: 107
    Iv got a Dawes XC 1.6 07 and its brill, a good quality bike and it handles really well.
  • I bought this bike on ebay for £259 a week ago and is a bargain!...
    I considered the Claud Butler Cape Wrath, which has always recieved good reviews, but having sat on the cape wrath decided it wasn't for me as it wasnt as good as previous cape wrath models and has a v uncomfy saddle.
    I shopped around and this 1.8 xc by dawes ticked all my boxes, hydraullic discs, remote lock out etc and all for a bargain price (with many retailers still selling it for £450!
    The bike is lighter than most bikes in the sub £300 bracket and has far better spec. The ride is superb and the Omega suspension forks are first class. The breaking is aharp as you would expect and the gear changes are ultra smooth. The bike also has a comfortable riding position and the remote lock out works in 3 stages to give you the perfect ride for your terrain.
    The other thing I like about the bike is the unusual colour, looks better than the pictures!
    They say 2008 is the best year yet for Dawes bikes and this certainl shows, the new version is over £500 and the only real benefit is the upgraded rock shocks, which is great for hardcore bikers, but for a good all round ride you will not get better than this, I know as I shopped around for ages.
    Buy one, you will not be disappointed.
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