Avid Juicy 5 Vs Elixir R

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Whats the difference between the 5's and the R? is the Elixir much better?



  • Lorax
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    I run Juicy 5s on my current bike, and although they are really powerful anchors, they don't have much modulation - they have a very on-off grabby feel.

    This article should give you an insight into how the Elixir Rs feel: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/avid-elixi ... -2008.html

    It sounds like they have far better modulation at the very least!
  • The Elixirs are supposed to have more power and modulation due to 'Taperbore' technology in the lever (basically a redesigned master cylinder) and larger pistons in the caliper. I say supposed because I've never ridden with them...

    I've got/had many different types of hydraulic disk brakes - juicy 5's are not what I would describe as having little modulation. I guess Lorax has never ridden with Hayes HFX-9's on 200mm rotors! They're ridiculously grabby and wooden - it is literally on and off. However I like a wooden feel with a lack of modulation. I find brakes like the HFX9s perfectly useable and can modulate them fine whereas my mates can't stand them. Horses for course!

    I've got juicy 5's on one bike and 7's on the other and I personally prefer the 5's. I'm not a big fiddler and like to keep things simple so don't see the point in all the fancy gubbins - the lever on a 5 is in the right place for me with the right reach and bite point etc so what's the point in changing it?!

    Elixir's are much more 'pimp' though..... If you've got the cash with nothing else to spend it on then go for them! There's nothing wrong with the 5's though. Don't forget I've never ridden with the Elixirs - maybe I'd advise differently if I had but 5's stop you just fine :wink:
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    Nowt wrong with the Juicy brakes, had them on precious bikes. Got a set of Elixrs on my new (ish now!) Reign and they are very very good! Will haul you to a stop very quickly, and just feel nicer than the Juicy brakes. Big advantage with top loading pads and a pin going through the pads rather than the fiddly Juicy way with a locating pin on the piston- much much easier to do out on the trail if need be. More power, more control and easier to change pads... Bit of a no brainer really! :D
    mine are the standard version without the pad adjustment, debatin upgrading tho' as I like mine to come on a at the lever a bit quicker... Thats about all I can fault 'em on- and that goes for every brake I've tried....
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    Got Exlixirs too and love them, havent had a lot of experience as these are my first hyrdos but can still tell they have a lot of feel about them.
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    Thanks for the replies, some useful info.
    I have J5's and I'm happy with them, was wondering if the Elixir was regarded as much of an upgrade. Think I'll stick with the J5's as I'm happy with the power and modulation.
  • Not that I would want to influence your decision but...

    Save yourself the £200 and spend it on a weekend of awesome riding in Wales or something!! You're happy with J5's so why change for the sake of it?! :D

    I always find myself getting sucked in by all the adverts and am constantly slapping myself round the face to remind me that there's no point in pimping your bike if you then can't afford to ride it in awesome places! Damn these advertisers - they actually do their job very well!
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    That's because it's our job ;) I work in advertising and I still get sucked in LOL except I ordered my elixirs from the states and saved a hundred quid!!