GT R Series 4 2007 any good

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My LBS has a GT R Series 4 2007 in in the correct frame size for me. I was planning on heading down there at lunch to try to haggle them down to £400 from the £480 they have it listed for atm.

Mt question is, are GT bikes any good? I don't know anything about the bikes and can't find any meaningful reviews.

My total budget is £500 so I want to get as much as I can for the the money. Two other LBS in my town also offerd me a Trek 1.2 2009 for £440 (18 sp) and the 2009 Specialized Allez 27 for £500.

I'm very tempted with the Allez but it would clean me out and I still need to buy other bits of kit.

So what do you think? spend time trying to get the GT for £400 or not wast my time and opt for one of the others.


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    Why do you think you can haggle on one bike but not the others? Has the GT not already been reduced as it's an old model? You might be able to get the shop to throw in, say, a lock or a helmet or something with the Allez.
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    Yep sorry I already had 20% off the Trek and £70 off the Allez.

    I was going to try to get some more off the GT as I have seen it listed for £400 else where. The GT is already reduced by £120 from the list price of 2007, I would rather buy local and support the shop but at the end of the day £80 is £80.

    I guess my main question is, is the GT worth the money against the other two bikes? And if anyone has experience of the GT?
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    Well I now own a GT :D End price for the bike was £425, never hurts to ask.

    Now I can't wait for tomorrow to pick it up. :D