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Buzzing noise from front of bike

RhodsRhods Posts: 400
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I'm new to road bikes and have found that when travelling on roads which aren't particularly smooth (plenty of them in Cardiff), there is a strange buzzing noise coming from the front of the bike.

The headset had actually worked itself loose (vertical play), but I've tightened the stem lower and the cap tighter and it no longer moves.

But the buzzing was still there occassionally last night. Is this usual - am I just used to riding an MTB with front suspension?

BTW, the bike is a Cube Aerial.



  • Check near ends of brake cables if using campy. Those ergolevers sure can rattle around a bit.
  • I assume you took the play out properly (undo stem bolts, do up top cap to remove play, retighten stem bolts)

    the thing to try is let a good chunk of air out of your tyres and then see if they're still doing it, could it just be road buzz?

    Then check cables on the frame etc.
  • RhodsRhods Posts: 400
    Using Shimano levers.

    Yes, I followed that procedure to adjust the headset. To be honest, I think it is just road buzz, as I've only noticed it on poor quality roads. Just a bit paranoid because the headset came loose. Having said that, I've only had it about 2 weeks, so might not have been put on tightly enough?
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    You said you noticed it last night. Could it be your front light? I noticed that one set of batteries in my Fenix L2D is slightly slimmer than the other one, and produced a very faint rattle on rougher surfaces. Bit of electrical tape on each battery silenced it.

    Could it be something as simple as a cable rattling against frame or bars??
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