To Float or Not to Float?

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Can some one advise me in stupid terms what the difference is in the floating and not floating cleats? I currently have the Yellow ones, the floating ones, and need to replace them. What difference would I find if I got the red ones?


  • N4PALM
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    Float allows a little bit of side to side twist movement. Unless you want to have your feet rigidly held then go for the ones with float. They'll be a lot more comfortable and by all accounts better for your knees.

    Having said that, some people do prefer the non-float type.

    Float is what most people use, thats the norm.
  • John.T
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    Non floating are harder to set up as they must be spot on. If you had no problem with floating then stick with them.
  • mcflyss
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    Cheers guys, will stick with Floating as have had no problems with them...