What bike computer?

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Hi everyone,

Just after some advice as to which bike computer people would recommend?

I'd like to crank up the geek-o-meter by getting involved in the stats of my commute but as a mere tax-dodging :oops: PhD monkey I have limited cash to spend on bits of kit....am thinking around £30-40 mark - can I get a decent one for that price? And what is the general consensus on wireless v wired computers? I've read previous comments about issues with interference from other devices eg mobiles, is that a big problem?

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  • I used to regularly manage to average 99.9mph on the way home with my old Tesco wireless computer (now in bin)

    TBH I have never had much luck with wireless computers so always go wired now. I currently use a very cheap Halfords 12 function wired cycle computer which always seems on the money.

    Not sure what causes the interference but they all seem to be affected by it.
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  • There's the cateye strada cadence... about £35 from Wiggle.
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    I managed to get a Specialised one with cadence for £25 from my local Specialized shop. Surprised me, that did!
  • The CAteye that lost mentioned is pretty good.

    Sigma 1606 normally £57 for £41 some of the pros use these so must be pretty good.


    If you can spend a bit more I would get a Polar CS200 Ive had one for around 2 years and apart from changing the chest strap batt every month havent had any problems with it.

    I would go for wireless the work great without bothersome wires to try and clean etc-provided you set it up correctly should be fine.
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    I've got a basic wired cateye strada £20 and it's the best I've had so far. Looks nice too :D
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  • It's not just wireless, my town bike with it's cheap wired halfords one hit 97mph.......
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    I'd second the Polar CS200, I've had two Polar computers and both have been excellent. Wireless generally is OK, I occasionally get an odd reading, always in the same area, so I just put it down to intereference of some kind. 95% of the time they work fine though.
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  • I've got this one from Cateye:
    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/Catey ... 360017918/

    I've had it for little over a year now, it's a nice little computer that hasn't gone wrong.