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Home made roller racing - is it possible?

BigSpecsBigSpecs Posts: 309
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I am looking to put together a charity fundraiser (see my blog for the details) evening. I want it to have a cycling theme. It is pretty low key and very much low budget. I really like the idea of roller racing and have watched the videos of the rollapalluza guys. Unfortunately, I can't afford to book them. Is there a way to rig something up "home made" for one night only? Would two track bikes and two turbos work or am I being too optimisitic? Any help/ advice greatly appreciated.


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,247
    It's actually really easy. Attack a belt to the roller (easier on actual rollers as they're already set up for a belt) and wrap it around another wheel which is significantly larger (to gear it down, so to speak). Attack an arrow or something to the bigger wheel, and it's done. Race for one complete revolution. It doesn't really matter how far it actually is, as long as both competitors are doing the same distance.
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