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Cycling after heart valve surgery!

acracr Posts: 53
Hi All,

I need to have my aortic heart valve swapped, lucky me!

Just wondering if this spells the end of me and cycling. I'll never be a serious roadie like cyclist, just commuting 7 miles each way keeps me happy. Has anyone out there gone through the same or similar. Am expecting a 3 month layoff at least, then take it easy to get back into the swing of it. Sound realistic or mad ?



  • I'm studying cardiovascular health atm, and all i'd say is leave that one to your doctor to decide.
    I really wouldn't want to overstrain the heart too quickly. I'd take it very slowly and let it heal 200% before I tired anything too strenuous.
  • jws2mpojws2mpo Posts: 20
    My dad had a valve replaced in his heart 18 months ago and he is back out riding with me and had been for the last 6 months or so, It is definitely up to the doctor though so would check with him but I think 3 month lay off might be a bit soon and maybe it would be more like 6-12 months. The only thing you will need to be careful of is that you will probably be on warfrin to thin the blood after the surgery so if you cut yourself it takes a long time to stop bleeding, so you need to make sure you wear a helmet
  • acracr Posts: 53
    Cheers for the advice. I pitched th same question on a heart valve website and got 6-8 weeks before you're back on the bike, 12-14 before trying the commute distance. Appreciate its all down to Doctors advice. And healing of the sternum has lots to do with it, as leaning on the bars applies pressure there which might be no fun if its sore.

    Good call re: warfarin. I've never been a helmet wearer but suspect that'll change!
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