Revolution 24 on Channel 4?

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I missed Revolution 23 on Channel 4 - only got the email bulletin *after* it had been on :roll: - but at Rev 24 last weekend there were a few cameras, so does anyone know if Rev 24 will be on telly as well?


  • Eddy S
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    Sorry, I don’t have any detailed info but your best bet will be to keep eye on the Revolution web site – last time it was about 5 weeks from event to the programme being shown. If Channel 4 doesn’t show Rev 24, the highlights will on Channel M but again, I tend to use the Revolution site for broadcast/availability details.

    Also watch out for future episodes of the Destination 2012 programme which should show some more of the build up to Iwan Thomas’ 200m TT.
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  • iain_j
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    Thanks Eddy. I've seen the Channel M coverage once and I wasn't all that impressed - cameraman couldn't keep up with the action, commentator getting overexcited, interviewer asking daft questions. Maybe I got them on a bad day :?