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NOOOO my BB cups has no more threads!

zariszaris Posts: 337
edited March 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
hey guys,

I tried taking my BB out since i got the tools from my mate! Now like an idiot the Drive side cups were meant to be turned clockwise...and like an idiot i did it anti clock wise. Until quite later (bye bye all support on BB) I realised i was going the wrong way around, so i then gave up and am now looking on how to take it out.

Any advice or help on this please....really just want to throw it away now and replace with a hope one :(

any help given is greatly appreciated




  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    So it is in just really tight? Is it the tool splines/nothes that have worn?
  • zariszaris Posts: 337
    The Splines ont he BB cup have totally still grips but not enough for the tool to get any sort of torque :(
  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    whar have you rounded off? - not the bb thread i hope :o
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Oh buggery dear!

    Can you get mole grips on? May have to get it in a vice and turn the frame.
  • zariszaris Posts: 337
    it's total suckage :( i've totally gone wrong on that now...and i think your right supersonic...might have to get it in a vice!

    The actual splines on the BB just....sighh there isn't enough there for my to turn it...everytime i do it won't budge!!

    Will try and take it to my LBS on thursday and well...get it replaced, i think am just gona go buy a hope BB and stick it in there...sighhh the annoyingness of it!!
  • WhytepeakWhytepeak Posts: 2,616
    sorry didn't see your post...

    If yoursure you're getting a new one - and it sounds as if you are, then get nasty with it - ahem.
    Cut into the shell - watch the frame :!: so that you can use a big spanner - away you go :)
    Now that we are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves. ROMANS 15:1
  • zariszaris Posts: 337
    you know wat mate! sounds like a plan hahaha xD

    i will look into it but mite just end up vicing it...whatever is safer to do, i will try...not really wana take any risks!

    Any more ideas onto how to get it off? so far got the vice and cutting into it idea (which sounds freaking awsome...would be like killing something hehehe).

    thanks for helpso far guys ;)

  • Dirtydog11Dirtydog11 Posts: 1,621
    If you know someone with an arc welder you could "tack" a large bolt to the outside of the BB. I know it sounds extreme but it would take about 30 seconds for someone with a welder and a little bit of knowlege.
  • I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. Tried every solution under the sun, then finally submitted and took it to CRC. They cut a groove in the non-drive side cup and in the BB itself, then using the groove to turn both, rotated the BB out, since turning the whole unit anti-clockwise will looosen both cups at once.
  • Yip. What Jon said above.


    Cut notches out the section of the bottom bracket that sit beyond the frame

    Cut lots of little sections out and then peel the bracket in on itself with a pair of plier

    Do enough sections and it should free up and you'll be able to remove it by hand

    Be very careful with hacksaw that you dont damage the frame/ shell
  • I'd go with the vice, sounds the easiest option to me, providing you have a bench vice.

    Clamp the outer cup nice and tight in the vice and then use the frame as massive lever and turn it (the right way obviously!)

    I had to do the same thing with some v-brake posts on my old Stumpy. They wouldn't budge and got rounded off with a spanner as they wee soft alloy.
  • Hmm... You can cut the shell into little peices and bent it back, or cut a few notches into it, and tap it off with a hammer and screw driver, weld some sturdy lugs onto it... Theres quite a few options.

    However, I would go for the vice option!
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  • zariszaris Posts: 337
    The vice option seems to be the safest "non violent" one hahaha XD

    If i am to use this have to strip the bike of the fork or would i simply just attach the bike to the vice on the side of the table, making it look like it is on a wrokstand and then just gently but with pressure turn the frame in the correct direction to take out the BB?

    just really not looking to mess anything else up, this bike cost my the wallet as it is and having to change the BB now means its gona be even more wallet crunching!!

    cheers for all the advice guys, really appreciate it!!

    Thanks again!!

  • I'd just take the wheels off and clamp it like that, but if it goes t!ts up don't blame me! For god's sake make sure you turn it the right way, the extra leverage will make a hell of a difference.
  • -Liam--Liam- Posts: 1,831
    Big pair of Stilsons...

    Not a silly little foot long ones but something around 2ft long, clamp the frame and they will get the cup out piece of cake.

    Quite where you get em from without soving out a few quid is quite a different matter :wink:

    I've got two big sets at work if you was near me :?
  • zariszaris Posts: 337
    My mate works in Halfords and i think he has it...he was giong to come over today but someins come up so can't do it today...nonethe less i need to get my new BB first!

    Can anyone help me confirm that this BB is compatible with my cranks; ... 360018765/

    thnks for all the help guys...appreciate it :D, guess i knoww at to do; time to get that sucka outathere!! :mrgreen:
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    what are your cranks?
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  • zariszaris Posts: 337
    FSA Mega Expo
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    they should be ok.
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