half decent chain lube ?

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need to buy some new lube soon .Usually buy finish line dry red cap .Any recommendations on better stuff or is this good enough for dry weather biking .
what are you using on your chains ????.......thanks.


  • alfablue
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    Prolink Progold - God's own chain lube - it's clean, stays on in the wet and the dry, used it throughout winter commutes with only one relube a week, in summer it is as good as any dry lube.
  • I'd go with the Prolink Progold as well.
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    glad this has come up. I use finish line wet lube and am quite happy with it (the chain on my tourer lasted nearly 10,000 miles (although I did need to change the entire chainset eventually! :oops: )

    However, a mate of mine swears by WD40. Can that be right?

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  • DomPro
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    I also use Finish Line Wet Lube and its all you ever need for the chain. Give it a wipe down with a rag first to get rid of sufface muck. As for WD40, its not sufficient on its own as a lube, however if applied to the chain, wiped, and then lube applied, its no problem.
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    +1 for Pro Road.
  • nferrar
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    Pro Road here to, dirt seems to like sticking to it though so may try the Ceramic Wax one next time
  • toslow
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    finish line wet lube in the thick of winter but use purple extreme for rest of year .
  • dennisn
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    Rock and Roll lube(wax). I'm not much for foul weather riding so I couldn't say how it does other than the occasional rainstorm. I wipe the chain down really good once a week or so(or after rain) and put new on. No problems. Used to be really anal about
    cleaning the chain but as far as I'm concerned my good wipe down and re lube does just fine.

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  • Park chain lube is pretty good. I'm using it atm, seems to be doing it's job pretty good.
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