Best Sprocket ratio for Compact Chainset rear cassette

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What is the best gear ratio to use with a Campag Compact chainset?


  • Pirahna
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    Use whatever you like. Round the Essex lanes I use a 12-23, my wife uses a 12-25, in the Alps I use a 13-29. All work perfectly well and yes you can run the 13-29 with a short cage rear mech.
  • maddog 2
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    depends on how hilly it is, how big your legs are, and how fast they move.
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  • Piranha - How on earth do you get a short cage rear mech to work with a 29 sprocket? I'm right on the limit with a 34/50 and 13/26 Campag set-up (giving 16+13 = 29 teeth range), and even that pulls the derailleur cage a bit too much.

    KeithrDonaldson - probably best to buy 2 cassettes (and 2 chains) if you can afford to - 1 for fast/ flattish roads and another for hillier/longer stuff. One of the biggest annoyances of any gearing system though is constantly having to 'double change', i.e., front and rear when the going gets slightly harder or easier. I find I do this more on compacts than grown-ups' ( :wink: ) chainsets. Only you'll be able to work out what combination of sprockets and chainrings will minimize this for the type of rides that you do, and the cadence and speed at which you like to propel yourself.
  • Monty Dog
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    For general riding I find a 11-25 covers most of the options from flat-out racing and hilly rides - it depends on your fitness and your style of riding.
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  • DomPro
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    I've got a 12-25 and I feel like I could do with an extra few teeth on the 25. I can't spin fast enough on some of these Surrey hills.
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