Trek Soho, Belt Drive, roller brake

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Thanks to a bike to work scheme here, i've an opportunity to get a bike at half price :-)

Problem is, I don't really need a new one, but it would be nice to have something fast and reliable for urban cycling. There is a limited range available from my office scheme, but this one caught my eye:

Problem is, it has two things I've never ridden, or seen up close - a belt drive instead of a chain, and a Shimano IM 70 Roller Brake instead of rim or disk brakes. They sound very tempting as I like the idea of minimal maintenance, but something tells me they may make the bike very stodgy to ride, and I already have a stodgy to ride town bike.

Any comments/experiences with these things?


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    Why not go for a Giant Escape R Sub Zero instead? Pretty similar but with hydraulic disc brakes, probably a better frame and cheaper. Although I don't know whether you can get Giant or not on your scheme.
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  • being quite tradiontional i would steer well clear from belt drive, if you need a new chain you can buy any number that will fit and you can change the length, where can you get a new belt 10 years down the line when trek have forgotten all about it, like when cannondale diecided to make 1 1/4 threadless headsets, rare as hens teeth now, its not quite the same but its a simialr principal? it is a nice looking bike IMO but i wouldn't get one becuase of the belt, then again if they stopped making them you could just change the wheels and the chainrings, but seriously, i wouldn't go the belt drive route, i don't think it will last, belts perish and they have to be an exact length for a specific frame and sprokect/ring combo, go for the giant or similar as suggested by icog24 belt drive IMO is probably more hassle than it's worth?
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  • No no no. Your all wrong :D

    You should (must) get it. I for one, and am sure many others will be interested to hear your experiances :twisted: 8)

    Seriously, I'd steer clear. Chains are so common for a good reason...
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