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Replacing Bar Tape and Fizik Gel kit

GavHGavH Posts: 998
edited February 2009 in Workshop
Thinking about a post I saw a while back where someone commented that replacing your bar tape can make a bike feel like new and constitutes a good upgrade.

How easy is it?

I've replaced pedals, seatposts, saddles, cages even removed cranks and a Square Taper BB and swapped for a HTII setup but that was all very staightforward. There's something 'fiddly' looking about bar tape!

Plain old Cork Bar Tape seems cheep and cheerful but I came across the Fizik Gel kit and Tape (this:)

Is this stuff any good? Can be had off ebay for less than £20 inc Postage. Or should I just stick to a fivers worth of Black cork stuff?

Thanks in advance.



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