Weird morning

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Was woken this morning by the 'phone ringing; someone wanting to make an appointment to see the doctor.

Getting dressed, I put on my shreddies, t-shirt, socks and shoes and was then puzzled that I was having difficulty getting my trousers on.

I had some business in the city centre, so headed off on the bike. While waiting at the lights at the Clyde, two salts-of-the-earth (one pushing a wheelchair) were crossing the road. One, a disturbingly wild eyed look in his eye, gave me a cheesy grin, a thumbs up and asked, "Any chance of a backie, hen?". I'm a bloke FFS!

Arrived back home t find that I'd forgotten to close the front door. Luckily nobody'd been in, nothing stolen - I'd soon know if there had been; there'd be signs of tidying up - nor any evidence of anyone having tripped and broken their neck.

The rest of the day fills me with dread. Should I just stay in?
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