Bonaly DH

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This was mentioned in the the general section and there are some videos on youtube etc....

does anyone know where exactly the Bonaly DH trail is?


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    Yes, head up past the entrance to the Scouyt campsite to the car park. As soon as you go through the gate, turn left and go down across the stream. Follow the path to the right along the side of the stream. It starts to go up the hill and at various points you will see where some people have started riding downhill on the left hand side of the path. Don't think its official in any way and there are always a lot of walkers and dogs around!
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    I've rooted around there and couldn't find any of the berms and jumps from the vids... Some interesting riding there, though, you can do worse than just pushing right up that path then bouncing back down :lol:
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    Talking to some folks at glentress the other day, from the description I reckon it's on the right of puke hill looking downwards- what I think of as the red XC trail goes off to the left just after the gate as you enter the woods (signposted) and there's an unmarked/unsurfaced path that leads off to the right, if I have it right it's in there somewhere.
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    This one? Some great single track in the woods there as well. The best way to get there is to cross the bypass at the Dreghorn barracks. Go up towards capelaw hill (turn right after the second gate by the cabin thingy). Then go up/left and turn right between the wooded areas (just before the road crosses a very small stream). Cross the fence and go left up the woods for singletrack or ahead skirting the right side of the woods for dh tracks.