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Hey, new to forums; and to MTB

matt2085matt2085 Posts: 25
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First of all hey guys, really nice forums you got going here lots of helpful info 8)

I'm hoping to join the Navy next year so thought I would incorporate some biking into my training regime and was hoping you guys could share your opinions for me.

*not asking which bike to buy* I'll obviously go check em out myself, just wondering what you guys would think is a good "style" for biking XC and off road (heh I worked out one of the acronyms anyway lol)

wow this is really long winded, basically I'm wanting to know which would fare better: front suspension (this called hardtail?) or dual suspension etc sorry don't know many of the names, just want to get riding.

Thanks in advance, Matt


  • welcome. will try to help as much as I can here

    Hardtail is indeed front suspension and a very good thing especially for those on a budget (read close to £1000) as the extra money that goes on a rear shock & the extra frame that comes with it means that a £1000 full sus bike (or any at an equivilent price) will have less money in the budget for things that can be more important, cranks, wheels, brakes etc, a sacrifice would have to be made somewhere.

    As you're looking for fitness but want to go off-road too, an xc type bike will be good. They're usually light & nimble but able to withstand a good amount of mileage & abuse to a reasonable standard, don't think you can do big jumps on one for example.

    If money isn't an issue and you have a couple of grand to spare, you can either get a very racy hardtail bike, or a good full suspension bike that will handle everythign you want to throw at it. The weight saved by going hardtail however is definitely handy, but if you get to the point where you want to try out a lot of yorkshires finest offroad and other trail centres, it makes the choice more difficult. All in all though you could spend months looking and not choose!

    hope some of this is useful/makes sense in my tired state :)
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  • Hi Matt and welcome.

    HT all the way for me. You are joining the Navy in a years time so you should be able to manage on a HT till then. Your money will stretch further on a HT (hardtail, fron suspension only) then it will on a FS (full suspension bike, front and rear) you'll get better components which are lighter, and which should last longer.

    XC would be great to build up your stamina and all round fitness.

    Get prepared to spend lots of money though, once you start you can't seem to stop!

    Loads of good people on here, loads of pages of good advice, remember to read the "sticky" thread at the top of each page, and also the reviews section.
  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    Hardtail would be my choice as well. £500 is a VERY competitive price bracket, so there's lots of choice and this will get you a very nice entry level bike. You can happily go cheaper if necessary, but at £500 you'll get a really well balanced bike for regular fun on the trails.

    Really decent full suspension bikes start at about £1000.

    Decide on a budget (it's very easy to get sucked into going for the next model up for 'only £50 more' :lol: ) and then get to a few shops and try some bikes out. You're going to love it! :D
  • hey guys, thanks for the replies

    I think I will definatly be going for a hardtail then, unfortunatly my budget isn't exactly anywhere near what you guys seem to have (recently classified unemployed, until I can find a part-time job) so my budget will be £150. I think my best bet would be to scour ebay and con a friend into giving me a lift to pick it up lol

    I'm not looking for something amazing, just something that'll do the job without falling apart at every opportunity and I'm perfectly happy with getting older models - people were using them as the best out just a couple of years ago, so they can't be all that bad lol.

    If anyone could suggest some decent brands and/or models to lookout for I would be very grateful.
  • +1 for hardtail

    Giant Boulder is a great budget bike that has served me well.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 21,667
    Hardtail & look in the 2nd hand adverts
  • KiblamsKiblams Posts: 2,423
    There is a very similar thread which started yesterday I beleive which may help you:
    matt2085 wrote:
    unfortunatly my budget isn't exactly anywhere near what you guys seem to have

    ... I know the feeling!
  • For £150 I'd be looking on eBay. Anything brand new for £150 is going to be a cheap, heavy piece of censored which will break within 10 mins of having it, like them god awful shockwave bikes from halfrauds.
  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    matt2085 wrote:
    I think I will definatly be going for a hardtail then

    At £150 avoid full suspension like the plague!! Hardtail is the way forward.
  • Hardtail all the way. Am sure somthing on ebay may turn up.
  • thanks again for the quick replys guys, will definatly be keeping a lookout for a few of the bikes mentioned :)
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