kuota kharma vs boardman team carbon

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i can get both these for about the same cost so looking for some guidance. Which is more upgradable? I have ridden both, i think i prefer the kharma because it made me feel more confident, but then the boardman gears were not set up well-halfords for you! So they are both well reviewed and te kharma is prettier but im afraid im letting this blur my decision making. Any advice?


  • I think you've answered your own question, if you're being honest with yourself. Kuota is the one for you, inspires confidence and looks better.
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  • i see your point :oops: just really wondered if they were future proof as a race bike in terms of frame quality, speed and worthwhile upgrades. Just dont want to be hunting again in 18 months for another step up.
  • Kuota bikes are trully ace, plus not every-ones got one, kinda wish i wasn't so poor so i could have got a dream bike which fitted perfectly but hey-ho i aint no pro, but i do love my bike :D
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    The Boardman does look exceptional VFM, but I've never ridden one. Despite my blinkered outlook, and bias having never cocked a leg over the Boardman, I still wouldn't swap my Kuota for one.
    Get the Kuota - you will not regret it (IMHO).
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  • My experience trying to purchase the team carbon this week seems to suggest that the boardman is in short supply and my local bikehut says they are not available from head office so are unable to order a medium for me. I would like to test ride the bike but I get the feeling that this is not possible with bikehut.
  • I'd go for the kuota, just to save yourself the hassle of trying to find a boardman.
  • Kuota have a new style frame for the 2009 kharma.Looks really cool!
    I would go for this bike and its easy to upgrade.
  • I have a team carbon '09 but unfortunately haven't managed to put in much mileage yet due to a knee injury.

    Must say SRAM took only a short while to get used to after years of Shimano use.

    BIke is uber light in my opinion (medium is 18lbs with pedals and my own saddle of choice) and a perfect balance of stiffness vs comfort. The finishing is awesome (cable routing etc) and overall is a package that I would have been willing to pay a lot more for. Mate who is a sponsored rider and is always on Cervelo has made a few admiring remarks about it so all in all I'm chuffed to bits with it.

  • Both bikes use standard off the shelf components so both will be very easy to upgrade in the future, therefore buy the bike with the best frame and gradually upgrade the components when cash becomes available.
  • thanks guys, much appretiated. I can get my hands on the boardman off the shelf along with the kuota so it sounds like which ever frame is superior, and they seem pretty even. Will let you know which i choose. Thanks again
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    Never ridden a Boardman so I can't comment but I do own a Kuota Kebel. It's an excellent frame. Very light, stiff and well finished. I've used it for training, racing and sportives.