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Specialized E150 Front Hub

dodd4721dodd4721 Posts: 30
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Has anyone had any aggro with Specialized E150 Front Hub Bearings/Cones?
My Hub is making a dreadful squealing noise even though the Bearings were replaced 6 months ago. I removed the Cones and cleaned them and the interface but the problem persists, maybe the cups need replacing or possibly the Bearings but I can't believe they only last 6 months if it is the Bearings?
It interests me that the 08 Front Hub Cones have been changed to a Circlip retainer behind the Cone instead of the push in/out type.
The list of problems encountered with this bike never ceases to amaze me! [Rims, Brakes, Headset Bearings, Wheel Bearings, Compression problems]
Seriously considering swapping out the E150 for a Fox 36 Talas, anyone heard any rumours concerning Spec doing it for free? :oops:


  • You need to get onto Specialized and get them to sort the problem. A friend of mine had a number of probs with the performance of his E150 and had it back and forth a couple of times until Specialized swapped out virtually every element of the fork (including the lowers). The forks now run very well indeed. It seems that the problems don't lie with the fork design but rather the manufacture of them in the early days which was subcontracted to a 3rd party and had initial quality problems.

    From my experience (having just bought a set of 2nd hand e150s and getting them like new after a full service from Specialized), it seems that Specialized are keen to sort out the fork problems as they recognise the damage being done to their reputation.

    With regard to the hub, I'd also have a go at Specialized about that too. Alternatively, I read that there are alternatives to the Spec hub by converting other hubs such as DT swiss and i9.



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