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Merida 96 1000-D - adequate replacement for an Epic Comp?

rgarnerrgarner Posts: 77
edited March 2009 in XC and Enduro
Hi folks,

After getting my Epic Comp 2008 stolen from my garage, I've been doing the "here's what we'll replace your bike with" dance with Halfords and Direct Line. Between them they've contrived to offer me a Merida 96 1000-D (, about which I can't find out a huge amount as it seems too new to have seen any reviews. I'm rapidly heading for "cash settlement" and perhaps a Scott Scale or a Cannondale Taurine (doesn't seem to be a decent "Brain" alternative around now).

Anyone got any experience with the Merida? Componentry looks pretty good apart from the X-Fusion 02-RC shock (I don't really know enough about the Manitou R7 front fork either). The twist shifters don't fill me with warm fuzzies either. I'd like to try one out but I can't seem to find a dealer near Leeds.

Any thoughts gratefully received!


  • ToastyToasty Posts: 2,598
    Offering you a bike which you have no way of testing sounds like a pretty rough deal to me. I'd rather have the Epic, I'm suprised Halfords can't source on :( Do you get much less back with the cash settlement?
  • rgarnerrgarner Posts: 77
    Yeah, that was pretty much my take on it as well. I sort of half liked the look of the Merida, since I can't now get a Large Epic (without spending silly money on the 2009 carbon version). In the end I faxed estimates on what it now costs me to get a bike that can behave both like a hardtail and a full-susser and they just paid up the full amount.

    Now I arguably have a worse problem - everything's vastly more expensive, and I can't decide between a Scott Scale 30, a Scott Spark 40, a Giant Anthem X2 or a Cannondale Taurine 4 :)

    I'll take that one to the "what should I buy?" forum though ...
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Merida looks a bit of a bargain! Frame and shock is 5.1lbs - most frames of that weight cost 1600, never mind the whole bike!

    But of course, could do with a test.

    Full susser that behaves like a hardtail? Try a GT Marathon.
  • rgarnerrgarner Posts: 77
    Yeah, I knew I'd have second thoughts about not getting it, especially now that one of the bikes I'm considering (Scott Spark) is so similar in terms of shape and shock placement. Twist shifters and no dealers nearby'll do that to me though :D

    Today I noticed a heavily discounted Commencal Meta 4.2 (much cheaper than the Merida when discounted), which while not out-and-out XC machine was well specced enough (and discounted enough) to make me consider both it and a small change in riding style :lol:

    Haven't looked at the Marathon, but have an Anthem X2 coming to try. Will see if I can see a Marathon, but I think I'm a) a bit spoiled for choice and b) need a bike last week (I'm missing so much decent dry Feb/March weather).
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