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Animal100Animal100 Posts: 55
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Back in my youth (now 47) I used to commute 30 miles a day on an a Raleigh steel frame 5 speed road bike. I now regularly ride MTB and have been doing so for a good few years. Remembering how I used to enjoy the London commute I have been contemplating buying a road bike again. Well last weekend I bought myself a Giant Defy 2.5. Been going on short rides during the week 18 mile or so. Yesterday I thought I would stretch my legs a bit and go for 30+ miles. I actually amazed myself at the distance covered and the time I completed it in. 31 miles in 1 hour 52 mins, thats about an average speed of 16.4mph. I usually do MTB rides 30 to 40 miles which take me well over 3 hours. What a difference and what a buzz, well chuffed. I can highly recommend the bike brilliant piece of kit. Just wanted to tell someone. Dont think just do it!
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