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Wes Mason Bike

joe1983joe1983 Posts: 440
edited February 2009 in Road general
Hi, I am quite new to road riding and was wondering whether anybody here could offer me any information on a Wes Mason bike I have been offered. The specs are below:

Frame Wes Mason 23 1/2 in c/c seat tube built out of Columbus SL tubing.
Chainset:- Tevano. Pedals:- Time. Gears & Brakes:- Suntour.
Bars & Stem :- Cinelli. Wheels 700c Nisi black Rims on Zeus front hub, Maillard Rear.
Saddle:- Iscaselle.

What kind of standard is this bike? Reason I am asking is I would like to know if I am buying quality or not, and also whether the price I have been asked is reasonable or not! Any advice much appreciated.




  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    Difficult to say! "Quality" is relative and without knowing age and whether or not components original such a subjective categorisation almost impossible. Columbus tubing is pretty good - but "SL" might have varied over time. Frame lugs (if any) and fittings/braze ons might give a better clue.

    And it sounds like a bitsa. So a wild guess "lower- mid range" and probably from the late '70s early '80s????

    I expect that now someone will drop by who knows all about "Wes Mason"!
    "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."
  • LeighBLeighB Posts: 326
    When I started cycling MKM's were the bike we wanted to own. The bikes were made by Arthur Metcalfe, Ron Kitchen and Wes Mason. The bike sounds like it is quite good quality but remember it is probably 30 years old.
  • joe1983joe1983 Posts: 440
    Thanks for your input guys, I think that maybe I shoudn't buy things when I don'tknow what they are! I might take a punt tho..
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