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Shimano M770 XT Pedals

Speckled PantsSpeckled Pants Posts: 118
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First of all a big hello as this is my first post :)

I was just wondering if anybody owns the Shimano M770 XT Pedals and what they think of them? More to the point if theres any difference between these and the Shimano M540.

I currently have the M540'S now on my old bike and like them alot, im getting a new bike this week and thought about asking the shop to chuck the M770'S in with the bike, but from what i can see theres no difference between them apart from having xt splashed on the side, they appear to be the same weight too. If theres no difference i'll just take the M540'S off my old bike and put them on.

ta :)


  • Hell i've got both pedals on diffrent bikes and they perform just the same but the xt 's are made a little better but thats about it really
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    The only thing you get with XT's is extra bling (I've got them on both my main bikes). They're great, but then again I've no problems with M520s either.
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  • Ok cheers guys, gonna stick with the M520s for now as i can always change later :)
  • if you have your eye on them now get them now as there is no point changing later :D
  • Change of plan, just noticed merlincycles are selling the XTR M970'S for £69.95 would be rude not to :D
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    Change of plan, just noticed merlincycles are selling the XTR M970'S for £69.95 would be rude not to :D
    They were selling them for £50 towards the end of last year, it may be worth looking around for some '08 stock. The XT and XTR SPDs are both indestructible and are truly one of those rare fit-and-forget components. The other Shimano SPD pedals are very similar when new but need a bit of TLC to keep 'em sweet.
  • I have used XTR s for 2 years now.Still spin as smoothly as the day I got them.Functionally they aren`t that much better than 520s,that I have on my other bike but even so they are noticeably better finished,smoother,and easier to engage.Worth it if you can afford it.

    Any Shimano SPDs are good though.(Except m424s.......)
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  • Ok cheers guys! I didnt realise they was being sold for this price so i never thought about getting them, i tend to buy most of my stuff off chainreaction and they was over £100 on there so that was too much for me, this will teach me to search a little more. :)

    Ive spent about the last hour on google reading reviews on them and everybody rates them, infact nobody had a bad thing to say about them.

    Pedals ordered and i just need my new bike to hurry up and come now
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