Standing and Turning (not at the same time)...

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I've just snagged my first road bike after nearly a year of commuting on a flat barred hybrid. After a couple of clipless pedal related wobbles and one slow, graceful fall I'm beginning to get used to the new sitting position and handling, but a couple of things still confuse me:

1. Where am I supposed to position my hands when I stand up on the pedals? I've tried on the brake hoods so far, but find that the front wheel starts to wobble as soon as my bottom leaves the saddle. It could be that I just need more experience, but I wondered whether there was a trick to it.

2. I find that going around tight corners as low speed feels really odd with the clipless pedals. Any advice, or is it again something that I'll just get used to?

I'm really enjoying it so far. I'll have to hook my speedo up to see whether I'm going any faster than hybrid.


  • have to say i've not had a problem with 1) i tend to grab on to he hoods as if' i'm out of the saddle then i'm offing it up a hill normally.

    2) by what do you mean funny? clipless feels about the same to me as a good MTB flat ie you forget it's there, just a pedal.

    road bikes aren't as good at slower speeds as MTB hybrids etc, but once going should feel safe and secure.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try shifting my weight forward a bit, I think that I may just have been too far back.

    By 'funny' I mean that it feels like I'm about to go crashing into the ground at any point. I think it's probably just a psychological thing - my feet are tied to the pedals and I feel like I couldn't get them out in time to same myself. I think I'll go with your suggestion Jake151 and unclip in anticipation until I get some more confidence.

    Many thanks! :D
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    When you're out of the saddle keep looking ahead up the road. This helps with balance whether you're moving or stationary.
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    Don't worry you will get used to it.

    I too had the same problem when i stood up on the pedals. Now it feels like second nature.
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    Agree with NWLondoner. I only recently converted to drop bar road bikes from a flat bar road bike and the first time I got out of the saddle I had to sit right down again as the bike just started to wobble however I found by the end of my ride just by getting myself out of the saddle on the flats to practice I was able to stand up going up hill without any probs at all. If you aren't good at then just keep trying as it is just a matter of finding your balance and once you've got it becomes automatic. It's just getting there takes practice or at least that's what happened for me.

    I also know what you mean about going round tight corners. Because of the slower speed I found myself wanting to try angle my foot outwards to try and balance myself however I couldn't and this would panic me. Once I just got used to the fact that the bike just wan't going to topple over to the side and trusted the bike to round the corners then I started to leave that panic behind. Its just a feeling of a lack of control from not being able to just put your foot out if you want.
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    I'll practice some more this week. I'm planning to do my 20ish mile route to work tomorrow morning, so I'll try getting out of the saddle a bit more then. I might even be able to find a small car park to try some low speed cornering in as well.

    Thanks for all the advice - it's heartening to know that it isn't just me :)