knee pain

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had my SPD cleats/shoes for 6 months know. But today I got pain after a ride - prob due to the alignment of cleats.

My pain is on the inside of the right knee. I think my foot exerts pressure on the outside of the shoe....Would this be correct diagnosis of the problem?

Any suggestions what I can do?


  • I had a similar problem just as you described.I talked to this guy in this bike shop and he recommended time rsx pedals tried them worked for me.
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    I was similar,changed to look that had a float so that my leg could find natural stroke rather than fixed as I found with SPD's.
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    Any suggestions what I can do?

    what tension do you have the pedal set at - if it's middle to high - might be worth trying with it slackened right off.
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  • If you've only recently had pain in your knee i wouldn't put it down to your cleat setup unless you've upped your mileage considerably or have beasted the hills recently. After all you've been pain free for six months up to now. It could be that your cleats are actually worn and the extra lateral movement is causing the problem.
  • thaks for the replies...

    I wet out agai today. Only 15 miles and my leg feels fine. :D Hope it was a one off.

    So whats the diff in a Look set up compared with shimano SPD?
  • SPD's are easier to walk in than Look cleats for a start! though I find Look pedals better as the platform is bigger. Seems to provide more of a stable platform for me. Easier riding to work wearing my boots as well. Other then that there's not much difference. They both do the job!