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Can you use Bar ends in XC Racing?

jakemckennajakemckenna Posts: 25
edited February 2009 in XC and Enduro

I heard recently that bar ends are no longer allowed to be used in UK Racing such as the NPS series.

I was unsure if they can be used to race? By bar ends I mean this sort of thing: ... delID=7582



  • You can under BC rules, some organisers may put in further restrictions
  • SiLancSiLanc Posts: 180
    I've just checked the reg's and didn't see anything in there currently about banning bar ends.
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  • AndyOgyAndyOgy Posts: 579
    I heard something about this but it was with regard to people entering cyclo cross events on MTB's. It's the one and only time that I've ever heard of such a regulation.
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