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My mum and dad have just turned 60 and have decided that they want to have a bike each to go on romantic bike rides. They don't want to spend too much, probably £400 for the two bikes. They will only be going on country roads, canal tow paths and perhaps bridle paths. Can't imagine for one moment that they will be racing each other downhill across humps and bumps. They just need a reliable and comfortable bike. Any suggestions.

Thanks guys
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    Ridgeback hybrids look quite nice (the frames look good), 2008 models are available for £269 at Bike Dock or your LBS may have them on offer. They also do a ladies step through frame (much as I hate them, I understand that some ladies think they need them). They come with rack and more importantly, mudguards, the mudguards are about £25 of the value, so bear this in mind when comparing to non-mudguarded bikes.

    Another idea is the Edinburgh Cycles Revolution Trail Finder, £243, with mudguards but not racks, and they make a women's model (not step-through, but adjusted to women's needs). Highly rated.

    Halfords Carrera Subway bikes are also good value for money (from £185) but I would only buy them if you are a competent mechanic and can set them up, because there is a good chance that Halfords will not do a good job! You will need to add mudguards, but I think Halfords often offer 10% of the value in accessories, so that would pay for them.

    However, I think the best thing would be going for bikes at a good local bike shop where they can get good after sales service. Apart from Ridgeback, Trek and Specialized make good hybrids in a similar price range.
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    I was on the phone to me mum last weekend and she was telling me they were gonna get a pair of folders advertised for £145 each in the Sunday Times Magazine. Really hope my argument about them probably being a bit crap convinced them to not do it.

    Told 'em they weren't allowed to buy bikes without talking to me about it first. I suggested they check out the local independent, but suspect they won't find owt anywhere near that price range. Reckon the bottom of Halfords range could well be the best option.
  • I got a couple of these Dahon Ciao's for my mum & dad (late 50's). They'd not been on a bike in 30 years they reckoned, but love these. Easy to throw in the car, good range of gears (8 speed internal hub, so low maintenance as well) and no top tube so they feel a bit more relaxed about getting on and off.

    Got them for the knock down price of £225 each
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    How about a tandem .... share the pain .

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  • Oh god no! Just the thought of being on the back with either of them driving. I can imagine the arguements now. I don't think thats going to work!
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  • Sounds like two project bikes! Take this oppotunity to fix up some old bikes (from ebay maybe). Cheap, fun and your recycling!

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    Then ask them if they plan to wear helmets. While RLJing. Then scalp them.

    Romantic bike rides sound nice! Must persuade the gf again - she only gets her bike out if it's been sunny for at least a week and the route is completely flat.

    Actually helpful - The Edinburgh Bikes pathfinders are quite nice, I hear. Also, you should fit at least one with a rack for luggage, maybe? Or set them both up with either a rack pack, or a front basket? (one of each? My mum has a front basket on her bike which she likes, but my dad has derided it as 'too girly') Judging from my parents that sort of thing is appreciated.

    Also, they will have *no idea* about lights. Don't bother informing them, just tell them the ones they should get. 8)