Loving this video

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This film is amazing, not only for the obvious bike skill but it's the lazy, dreamy summer atmosphere it creates :)



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    I've seen this a few times now and I think it's great, really chilled out
  • its great makes you want to ride
  • That is brilliant, really nice feel-good video.

    ......a couple of continuity errors though - I'm sure he doesn't wear flip flops all the way through! :wink:
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    Awesome. Just pushed me out the door for a quick blast. :D

    Ta. :lol:
  • Before I even clicked on the link I could tell you were talking about Monday. One of my favourite short videos :)
  • Nails the whole vibe in six minutes!!
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  • WOW thats fantastic.
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  • if i could have just one day like that.
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    I wish my Mondays were like that :(
  • the vid is just so cool,got the song on my ipod and puts a big smile on my face when im on my bike
  • Sarnian
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    I have never seen that, but I am glad I have now, pure class :D
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  • Today felt like the first day of Spring with the warm sun and next to no wind ! :D

    I downloaded that LP from the vid to my iPhone & went for a ride with the track in my ears,

    Really enjoyed it & later met the missus for a pint on me bike :)

    The band are called,

    The Album Leaf

    The CD is called,

    Into the Blue Again

    The track from the vid is called,

    Alaways for You.

    It is not my usual type of music, BUT i'm loving it ! ! !

    Makes me feel good & ready for summer.
  • Inspirational stuff indeed. I really liked it.

    Much more emotive of the sport than the generic gnarly ride videos featuring an off the shelf nu-metal track and head-ache inducing MTV editing.
    Less internal organs, same supertwisted great taste.
  • new thread I think.
  • nice, thanks for sharing
  • Just downloaded the album (Into the Blue Again) and been out for a ride. 8)
    Less internal organs, same supertwisted great taste.
  • was good at the beginning. shame it turned into trials near the end, go a bit boring.