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sore shoulders and neck

neil_ukneil_uk Posts: 289
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I've set my bike up using the common 'rough' guidelines as a starting point..... Saddle level, fore-aft position so bottom of knee cap is directly above pedal centre, saddle height is so legs are just short of lockout, handlebar height is level with the bars, and bar width is a little wider than shoulders.

I went for a 14 mile ride mostly seated on the roads the other day - and when I woke up the following morning the join between my neck and shoulders was really stiff and sore (both at the back of the neck and the top of the shoulder area). I know my frame size is pretty much bang on - stand over height is around 5 inches, and the length from saddle nose to headset bolt is around 10mm longer than my elbow to tip of middle finger (with saddle centred on rails).

Any idea where I should try to make adjustments first? In the meantime as I am only an occasional rider - I'm also going to work on my upper body strength and fitness.

any help would be greatly appreciated



  • FurkukFurkuk Posts: 71
    Are you relaxed when you ride or do you grip the bars hard?
    If you have only just started riding then give it time and try changing your set up slightly as small movements sometime make a big difference. Good luck :D
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  • neil_ukneil_uk Posts: 289
    Hi, I have a fairly relaxed grip on the bars... but i am starting to think it could be more 'me' than the bike setup...

    I think i will have a few more rides as you suggested before altering anything, and as I said do some upper body work in between. After all i have been sat on my backside pretty much all winter lol.

  • neil_ukneil_uk Posts: 289
    I coudn't resist just a small tinker lol.....

    I have noticed a part of my setup which is way out! I tried holding my hands in a natural imaginary bar position, and then lowered them onto the real bars - and the angle and pitch of my hands was nowhere near matching my bar grips. I looked at the bars from a side view and noticed the riser part was rotated way forward. I have rotated them a little back from vertical and this matches my natural hand/arm rotation.

    I'll do the same road distance tomorrow and see if there is any improvements.

    ps. I have also noticed an annoying ache in my elbows - could be caused by that to!

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