Chain jumping/noissey on rear sprocket ?

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Hi All

My chain on my rear sprocket makes a noise like a bag of bolts/creaking/ and click every revolution as if it's not 'sitting' correct ?

It is very lightly oiled, any ideas?

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    The most likely culprit is that the rear derailleur isn't adjusted properly - not so much that it changes gear but just enough to make a racket as the chain has to readjust after it goes through the jockey wheels.

    That's the first thing I'd check.
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  • How can i check this by myself ? Is there a guide anywhere ?? Never adjusted one before.

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  • Where the gear cable inserts into the deraileur there should be an adjusting nut. Screw it round one turn clockwise and see if that helps. If not turn back the other way two turns and see if it's any better. If neither try more than one turn either clockwise or anti-clockwise until the chain is aligned properly.
  • Cheers. Something has moved/slipped. Will try and support bike and spin it up and see iif chain/sprockets are aligned.

    I take it that adjustment will align it either way and sort it for all gears.
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    If the bike is new you can bank on the cable stretching a hell of a lot in the first couple of hundred miles- try screwing the adjuster out. If youve already been fiddling and adjusted the wrong way there's a chance you've gone a click out on the indexing. If you find (as I've certainly done in the past) that you adjust it from working badly to not working at all start the set up from scratch - the Shimano website has pdf downloads showing you how (under technical docs) or otherwise the park tools website is very good.
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    Yes adjusting that fixes all the gears - the amount the derailleur moves is determined by the shifters and can't be adjusted.

    The other thing I would check is to make sure that your wheel is properly in place - if you've had it out recently it could just be not sitting in the dropouts.

    The help pages are really good for info - that's definitely where I would start if I was trying to learn how to do it.

    It's easy though - just a case of knowing what each screw does and thinking about it a bit - once you understand how it works it's easy to fix.
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    I'm not very mechanically adept - so I found the Park Tools info too hard to follow - Youtube has much simpler guidance on adjusting gears - do some searches there is my advice.

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    Another thing to check if the bike been a bit neglected recently - are there are seized chain links. They will cause the little jockey wheel (on the rear deraileur) to jump as they go over it.
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  • feel wrote:
    Another thing to check if the bike been a bit neglected recently - are there are seized chain links. They will cause the little jockey wheel (on the rear deraileur) to jump as they go over it.

    That sound a good bet as there is a 'jump' at a certain point but think it relates to one rev of the rear cassette.

    I did clean the chain last week but did not apply any oil and did notive a couple of stiff/bent areas in the chain so spraayed on some GT85 and seemed ok after, so the chain could be dry ?

    I do not have any chain oil as was undecided on what to get as loads out there.

    Anyone recommend one ?

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  • Buy the cheapest. Lubricant is lubricant afterall. Some chain oil prices are a joke. I don't see the point of putting expensive lubricant on in the winter when it gets washed off during and after the ride.
  • I have just looked at the bike and the chain is very sloppy on the front sprockets and makes no difference if i adjust screw on rear derailer.

    The bike is second hand and looks chain is loose on font sprockets, i can lift the chain all over where it connects !!!

    Could this be a worn out chain which has also worn out the sprockets.

    The bike was bought secondhand....Would pics help guys, getting worried onw.
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  • 12 chain links (or is it 12.5) when new are 12" long. If the chain is over 3mm longer then it should be changed though you may also need a new cassette and/or sprockets as the chain would have worn these as well. A new chain on old worn sprockets will cause the chain to jump every few turns which is very annoying. You may also need new rear deraileur cogs.