Boardman road pro 08 or team carbon 09

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Hi folks

I decided to have a look at the boardman team carbon 09 after much humming and hoing. However there was also a Boardman road pro 08 there for the same price.
The boardman road pro 08 has a carbon fork and rear triangle only,but has dura ace components. The team carbon 09 is full carbon with sram rival components.

I am once again stumped on what bike to choose any advice or experiance of these bikes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  • Elganesh
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    From what I have seen, the reviews of the Team Carbon is a lot of bike for your money. I would consider this:

    Are you good enough to tell the difference between Dura Ace and Ultegra? SRAM Rival is pretty much equivalent to Ultegra.

    Also you can tell the difference easily between a full carbon frame and just fork/rear triangle.

    I'd go for the team carbon, you can always upgrade groupsets later if you want.
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  • mcrine
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    Cheers Elganesh

    Much appreciated, I (unfortunately) am not that good.
    Thats what I was looking for, I have never riden a carbon bike and liked what you said go for the better frame and upgrade later if need be.
  • mfin
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    The carbon team is well reviewed and I was certainly impressed when I saw it in the flesh myself. Great detail at a grand, look at the cable routing etc, they've really done a good job. As for the groupset, the Sram Rival is good kit and upgrading it later you're not going to save a lot of weight (for what would be a lot of spend). Remember, thats Sram's entry level groupset but consider it at about 'ultegra level and weight'. Its the first bike I've seen in a long time in that price bracket thats had me wondering how they can do it for the price, its light too.
  • I have a team carbon '09 but unfortunately haven't managed to put in much mileage yet due to a knee injury.

    Must say SRAM took only a short while to get used to after years of Shimano use.

    BIke is uber light in my opinion (medium is 18lbs with pedals and my own saddle of choice) and a perfect balance of stiffness vs comfort. The finishing is awesome (cable routing etc) and overall is a package that I would have been willing to pay a lot more for. Mate who is a sponsored rider and is always on Cervelo has made a few admiring remarks about it so all in all I'm chuffed to bits with it.