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LBS recommendation Clapham/Balham area

PinkPedalPinkPedal Posts: 180
edited March 2009 in The workshop

Can anyone recommend an LBS in the Clapham/Balham area? Commute bike really needs a service, brake pads changing and a few other things done but as someone who knows not a lot about bikes I don't want to get fleeced.




  • TomSTomS Posts: 15
    Apex on Clapham high street have always been pretty good for me. Or there is a relatively new place between Balham and Tooting Bec, Crazy horse bike workshop. Never had any work done there but the guy has been very helpful the few times I've popped in to buy stuff.

  • De Ver?

    Or Luciano in Clapham/
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  • NgalbraiNgalbrai Posts: 279
    Second vote for Apex, very good, bought 3 bikes from them over the years, treat regulars very well.
  • PinkPedalPinkPedal Posts: 180
    Thanks guys, I shall check them out :D
  • dUNCdUNC Posts: 73
    Yep, Apex have always been good to me over the years.
  • PinkPedalPinkPedal Posts: 180
    Just an update - put my xcross bike into PSubliminal in Balham for a service and they were grand and absolutely listened when I said I only wanted basic stuff doing. I'd forgotten what it's like to have brakes that work properly.

    Also visited De Ver to get sorted with a shiney new road bike. They were excellent and spent loads of time finding something that fits properly.

    Thanks for the recs!
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